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With the growth of technology, construction companies are increasingly looking to optimize their sales and improve the customer experience. The use of interactive resources such as Interactive 360° Tour is an effective way to accelerate the buyers’ decision-making process.

Understand more about this tour

The interactive 360° tour provides users with an immersive experience that allows them to deeply explore a location before making a purchasing decision. With this feature, potential buyers can see every detail of your development, from floor plan to finishes, on any device.

In addition, the Interactive 360 Tour allows builders to add content to highlight key points that buyers may not otherwise notice. This includes features such as videos, photos, text, and sounds that can help users better understand what they are buying.

Another advantage of the Interactive 360 Tour is that it can be used to provide a personalized experience for users. Buyers can navigate according to their interests and explore the details that interest them most. In addition, builders can provide interactive guides to help users better understand what they are seeing.

The use of the interactive 360 tour can significantly increase the number of sales for builders, as it allows users to deeply explore the developments before making a purchase decision. In addition, the feature offers users an immersive and personalized experience that helps them better understand what they are buying.

Digital Key: the best interactive 360° tour company for construction companies in Brazil

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