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The interactive virtual mockup is a tool increasingly used by architects, designers and engineers to create projects and simulate real environments. This technology allows these professionals to visualize and explore their projects before they even begin construction.

Understand what this technology is useful for

With the interactive virtual mockup, professionals can create projects that simulate real environments in incredible detail. This allows them to explore the space in three dimensions, analyzing the space and the flow of natural light, and choosing the best design options for the project.

To create these virtual mockups, professionals use specialized software to create three-dimensional models, which are then animated to create an interactive experience. The user can then move freely around the virtual mockup, exploring the details of the project and interacting with the elements.

In addition to allowing exploration of the mockup, the interactive virtual mockup also offers the possibility of simulation tests, allowing the user to visualize the effect of different environmental conditions (such as light, wind, temperature, etc.) and make better design decisions.

Another advantage of the interactive virtual mockup is that it allows architects, designers, and engineers to collaborate remotely, because the project can be shared on an online platform. In this way, all parties involved can access the project and make changes and improvements easily.

The interactive virtual mockup offers architecture, design, and engineering professionals a way to explore and share their projects quickly and interactively. It allows them to perform simulation tests and collaborate remotely to create amazing designs.

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